A chess puzzle dating sim set in a world torn asunder by a century-long war—which the Schwarz Kingdom is set to lose until you and your twin are transported from our world and right in the middle of it, each holding a true game changer: magical crowns that give you the power to control the battlefield as a chess board.

In one battle, you turn the tide of the war as you solve for the Schwarz army and defeat the invading marble Weiss soldiers—who, in return, kidnap your twin sibling.

Take the crown and command the Schwarz army, bonding with their officers and royalty, to rescue your sibling and bring an end to the war!


Project Directors + Programming: Daniel Seamans and Sydney Kim

Music: Princess SylvySprit and Alonso Palomo

Lead Artist: MissFortune

CG Backgrounds + Background work: Carolina Vera

Character Cleaning: Becky Seamans

Website: Simon Smith

Additional Art: KyaOni + starfafs

Development log


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this was fun, i cant wait to play the full game

There's far too much story and not enough puzzle. Also, some of the story just appears to be blank pages that you just have to blindly click again to get past.

Thank you for the feedback! We will have many more puzzles in the Beta demo and the full game, but we have adjusted the game's genre to "Visual Novel" with "chess" and "puzzle" elements. We will definitely look at making the scene change transitions automatic.